Best Alienware x15 Laptop Cooler in 2023

The Alienware X15 laptop is certainly a revolution for gamers and powerful users. The things that most attract me to the Dell Alienware laptops are their sleek design and high performance. However, perfection is already a myth for laptops, but the journey is no less thrilling. Without sufficient cooling, Alienware laptops for gaming may overheat, leading to performance issues. 

So here in this article, I’ve rounded up the best Alienware X15 laptop cooler in this vast market of coolers. My focus will be on air cooling pads to liquid cooling systems. So no doubt you will go through a comprehensive guide and make informative decisions based on detailed reviews. Let’s begin, then. 

Top Feature of the ALienware X15 Laptop Coolers

Here I’ll discuss the top most feature of new Alienware laptop coolers. This helps to understand the unique features of every cooler. 

Best in quality and Customer Service : KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad(A9 Pro)

The Alienware X15 laptop has almost all the other best features. But this cooler has survived on the market for 12 years. So undoubtedly no lack of quality. 

Best for Low Noise :AICHESON Laptop Fan Cooling Pad

It drops 5-10 degrees celsius using four small fans and one larger fan. Still, the noise level never goes up more than 21 dB. 

Best for Versatility: Coolertek RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Not only good for a powerful gaming laptop like Alienware x15, X17 R1 or X17 R2, but this unit is good for Acer Predator Triton 30 laptops and other gaming units like PS4, and Nintendo Switch. 

Cheapest Alienware laptop Cooler :KEROLFFU Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

Six fans are in a cooler pad, and that costs less than three fans. Alienware laptop dell is not a joke. This laptop cooler provides almost every feature at a reasonable price among brands.  

Best Smart Cooler for ALienware X15: Giryriz Smart Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

It has a smart chip inside to detect what and increase the fan speed immediately. Never let your laptop heat up. 

Top 5 Alienware X15 Laptop Cooler

Here is the ultimate cooling solution for a Dell Alienware gaming laptop. My comprehensive review of the top 5 coolers for Alienware, from features to user’s reactions, everything I have got you covered. 

1.#KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad(A9 Pro)

Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad from the top: "Top view of the KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) with two large fans and LED lights."
Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad from the side: "Side view of the KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) with adjustable height settings and USB cable."
Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad with a laptop on top: "KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) in use with a laptop on top for enhanced cooling and performance."
Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad with LED lights: "KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) featuring blue LED lights for a stylish and functional design."
Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad with adjustable height settings: "KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) with adjustable height settings for ergonomic comfort and improved airflow."
Image of the KeiBn A9 Pro Cooling Pad with two large fans: "KeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad (A9 Pro) with two large fans for powerful and quiet cooling of your laptop.

12 years of factory experience on a laptop cooling pad and serving over 1 million customers is not a joke. KeiBn knows the art of keeping your laptop cool. Providing unbeatable quality with the latest technology and top notch performance makes a gamer’s life smoother.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  •  Color: A9 Pro
  •  Cooling system:  Air Cooled 
  •  RGB Color Modes: 10
  •  Number of Fans: 3
  •  Fans RPM: 2800
  •  Dimensions: 16.54 x 10.63 x 1.18 inches 
  •  Weight: 2.08 lbs

Features at a Glance

High Speed Fans: The 3 fans’ speeds are higher than the standard cooling fans. The cool air flows out from hollow-carved holes directly onto the heater core of the Alienware X15 R2. 

RGB Light: RGB light creates an ice-cool color effect. 10 RGB color effects with galaxy lighting effects. 

A strapless button on the right side ensures seamless control of fan speed and light intensity. 

Heat Dissipation: Aluminum Alloy made cooler has a naturally low temperature and conducts heat quickly. 

Height Adjustments:  It features 3 height adjustments within the range of 5-15 degrees. The minimum height is 1 inch, and the maximum height is 2.5 inches. 

Other Things: Two USB ports are included with free cables and ensure Anti sliding silicone baffle and Bottom secure the laptop. 

  • Dust control filter passes dustless air.
  • Adjustable comfortable heights.
  • <25dB ensures a soundless operation.
  • Compatible with different sizes of laptop.
  • Every Time you have to adjust fans speed and light intensity from scratch.

Tester Review

Users are happy to have this sleek and lightweight cooling pad, nothing fancy about it, and it literally saved many customers from buying a new laptop commented by a verified purchaser from amazon.  


2.#AICHESON Laptop Fan Cooling Pad

AICHESON Laptop Fan Cooling Pad - The Best Cooler for Your Alienware x15 Laptop in 2023. Keep Your Gaming Laptop Running Smoothly with Enhanced Airflow and Reduced Heat.

Quality is king, perhaps AICHESON’s motto. This company is successfully roaming in the laptop market and featuring some exciting laptop accessories. So undoubtedly, the cooling pad is top-notch for the best Alienware laptops


  • Material: Silicone, Plastic, Metal 
  •  Color: Red
  •  Cooling system:  Air Cooled 
  •  RGB Color Modes: N/A
  •  Number of Fans: 5
  •  Fans RPM: 1000(120 mm), 1500 (70mm)
  •  Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.1 inches 
  •  Weight: 1.93 lbs

Features at a Glance 

Five Fan’s Low Noise Cool Air: There is one central fan that is bigger in size (120 mm) surrounded by four smaller fans (70 mm), providing <21 dB low noise airflow. 

4 adjustable Height: for our convenience and proper eye contact, in between 7.5-21.5 degree angles along with 2.4”-4.8 inches, the cooler pad has 4 adjustable angled heights. 

Switch to Control Speed:  The stepless switch at the back controls the fan speed and light intensity together at the same time. 

Other Things: This air cooling system for an Alienware gaming laptop can hold laptops up to 17.3 inches. 2 USB ports are included, along with one USB A to A cable. The hidden ANti slip prevents laptops from slipping. 

  • Waved Metal Mesh doesn’t allow dusty air to flow.
  • 4 adjustable heights.
  •   Larger in size, so compatible with many sizes of laptops.
  • Lightweight.
  • Pretty loud at lowest fan speed.

Tester Review 

The 3 years replacement warranty attracts most of us. Yet almost all verified purchasers from Amazon agree this cooling pad is extending the laptop’s life. A 5-10 degree Celsius drop in temperature is normal for all users. 

3.#Coolertek RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

"Coolertek RGB Laptop Cooling Pad: Keep Your Alienware x15 Laptop Cool and Stylish with the Best Laptop Cooler on the Market"

Coolertek specializes in the laptop cooler section. Mostly coolertek is popular among gamers because this cool pad dissipates overheating during intense gaming. Also, the look is pretty rigid and robotic; that’s what most people love about it. 


  • Material: Metal Mesh, HIPS, ABS 
  •  Color: Silvery
  •  Cooling system:  Air Cooled 
  •  RGB Color Modes: 14 preset Color Dynamic Modes 
  •  Number of Fans: 5
  •  Fans RPM: 1100(110 mm), 1400 (85mm)
  •  Dimensions: 15.74 x 11.81 x 1.22 inches 
  •  Weight: 2.14 lbs

Features at a Glance 

Numerous RGB Lighting Effects:  The RGB lighting comes out of the four sides of the cooling pad. There is a button at the front to switch between the 14 RGB lights.

5 Fans Operation:  There is one 5.11-inch central fan and four 3.54-inch small fans around the central fan. The metal stripe holes provide a larger heat dissipation area. Capable of providing adequate cooling for AMD Ryzen, TI GPU, Nvidia DLSS and RTX 3060 GPUs. 

Compatibility:  The cooling pad is compatible with 11-17.3 inch laptops, so it gets covers most of the gaming laptop. Alienware X17, Alienware X15 R1, Alienware M15 R7 and Alienware M15 R5 are all Alienware laptops that are compatible. 

Other Things: The cooling pad features 2 USB ports. The airflow comes out 13 CFM/single fan. Minimum lifetime of 10000 hours. 

  • Cool down the heat immediately.
  • RGB light comes with numerous presets.
  • Rigid structure matches with Alienware laptop for gaming.
  • Foldable anti skid pad prevents slipping.
  • Heavy in weight.

Tester review

The verified purchasers who bought this unit didn’t come up with any unsatisfied comments. The design goes with the Alienware X15 laptop perfectly, that’s why gamers prefer it most.  

4.#KEROLFFU Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

"Experience Optimal Cooling Performance with KEROLFFU Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad - Perfect for Your Best Alienware x15 Laptop Cooler"

Nothing much to say about the KEROLFFU, it’s a relatively new brand. Yet, within short journey, this cooling pad has become one of the top choices for gamers and Macbook Air, Dell Alienware, and notebook users. 


  • Material: Aluminum 
  •  Color: Silvery
  •  Cooling system:  Air Cooled 
  •  RGB Color Modes: N/A
  •  Number of Fans: 6
  •  Fans RPM: 2700
  •  Dimensions: 10.3 x 14 x 0.8 inches 
  •  Weight: 2.4 lbs

Features at a Glance 

Compact in shape: This cooling pad’s dimension is smaller than most of the coolers, and the thickness is pretty thin. As a result, it is specifically designed for lap use.

5 Stand Heights:  It comes with five angle heights. No doubt you’ll find the best viewing and typing angle for you. 

Aluminum: 17-inch aluminum dissipates heat quickly, so when the laptop’s hot bottom touches the aluminum’s cold surface, the laptop gets cooler. Furthermore, the six fans have a maximum rotational speed of 2700 RPM. so there is no issue with less airflow. 

LED Light and USB Port:  The cable color matches the LED color. Around the bottom edge of the cooler, there is an LED strip light. There are two USB ports for USB A to USB A connection. 

Other features include a stopper to keep the laptop from slipping and a fan speed control knob that makes a clicking sound to help us guess the fan speed. 

  • Six fans ensure smooth gaming performance by dissipating the heat.
  • No RGB light, so Suitable for bed room.
  • Strobing LED lights at the bottom give a gaming vibe.
  • Drops the temperature 5-10 degrees.
  • You can use it as a nintendo switch cooling fan.
  • 6 fans will never make a cooling fan soundless.

Tester Review 

For better gaming performance and less heat generation, this laptop cooler does a tremendous job. All the fans don’t have the same RPM. According to Amazon’s best-seller rank , it stands in the top 5. 

5.#Giryriz Smart Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

Giryriz Smart Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - The Ultimate Cooling Solution for Your Alienware x15 Laptop! Keep Your Device Running Cool and Smooth with Our High-Quality Cooling Pad.

The most exciting aspect of the Guryriz cooling pad is it is compatible with numerous Alienware models. Giryriz is one of the oldest Smart cooling pads that developed a light, used JAPAN NSK ball bearings and PVC fan blades. 

Let’s see the other exciting prospects- 


  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy, Silicone 
  •  Color: Silvery
  •  Cooling system:  Smart Air Cooled System  
  •  RGB Color Modes: 14  
  •  Number of Fans: 4
  •  Fans RPM: 5000
  •  Dimensions: 16.02 x 9.45 x 1.77 inches 
  •  Weight: 2.07 lbs

Features At a Glance 

Advanced Smart Heat Passing:  unlike other traditional cooling methods, this smart one is totally different. The Built-in chip ST32 detects the hardware heat occupancy rate and sets the fan speed according to heat generation from the laptop. 

4 Powerful Fans:  The fans are the latest 2022 model. All of them are 80 mm DC brushless and generate 17 CFM at their peak. Within 10 minutes, it falls below 30 degrees Celsius or more. That’s why it is mostly recommended for gamers. 

RGB Light: The RGB Light comes in 3 different patterns with 14 regular colors. It’s possible to create 16.7 million colors if you use the red, blue, and green colors in different ratios. 

Online/Offline Mood: the online mood automatically collects the temperature data and controls the temperature. In contrast, we control the fan speed in manual mode. But the offline mode doesn’t require any USB connection to the laptop. But requires any USB connection for power. 

This cooling Pad is specialized for Alienware Area 51M R1/R2, M17R1-R5, and M15R1-R7. So it is understandable this cooling unit has great collaboration with Alienware 51M, M17, and M15. 

  • Reasonable incline angle for viewing and typing.
  • Heat dissipation 15 to 30 degree celsius.
  •   Smart chips detect the temperature.
  • Robust structure suits the best Alienware laptops.
  • The application doesn’t pop up during the game.
  • 20-60dB noise level is a lot higher.  

Tester Review 

This cooler is a cool dude for gaming sessions. Literally gives no chance of getting high temperature. But one thing everyone finds weird because, for power delivery, it requires a USB connection and an AC Power Adapter (12V/2A) connection. 

Comparison Table for the Alienware X15 Cooler

FeaturesKeiBn Upgrade Laptop Cooling Pad(A9 Pro)  AICHESON Laptop Fan Cooling PadCoolertek RGB Laptop Cooling PadKEROLFFU Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad  Giryriz Smart Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad
MaterialAluminum AlloySilicone, Metal, PlasticABS, Metal Mesh, HIPSAluminumAluminum, Alloy, Silicone
Cooling SystemAir CooledAir CooledAir CooledAir CooledSmart Air Cooled System
Number of Fans35564
Noise Level<25dB<21dB43 Dba<26dB20-60 dB
RGB Color10N/A14 Preset color dynamic modesN/A14 colors, 3 patterns.
Fans RPM28001000 (120mm), 1500(70mm)1100 (110mm), 1400(84mm)27005000
Support SizeMax 17.3”15.6” – 17.3”14” – 17.3”Max 17.3”Max 17.3”

Things You Must Notice Before Having Alienware Laptop Cooler  

The cooling pad for your best buy Alienware laptop must be good in operation. Because for gaming and more powerful use, we mostly include the Alienware X15 combined with the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 GPU. So if you spend $30–$40 and don’t support Alienware, it will seem frustrating. So let’s know the facts we must keep in our heads. 

Supporting Size and Compatibility

So the cooler you are going to have must be perfect for the laptop you use. Most of the coolers I’ve reviewed here support a maximum 17.3-inch laptop. All the Alienware Laptops will be perfectly suited for the cooler. For the HP laptop and Lenovo Legion, make sure the cooler size is okay. 

Also the cooler I have talked about is perfectly compatible with the Alienware Laptop Dell series. Because there are places for air to enter from the cooler under the laptop. So don’t forget to check the laptops’ bottoms. 

Cooling Ability 

 Cooling ability depends on how much CFM of air flows from the laptop cooler. Airflow rises when there are more fans, and the RPM of the fans is higher. More RPM, more CFM and aluminum made surface dissipate more heat from the laptop. 

Build Material 

Yeah build material plays a huge role for laptop coolers. Normal plastic or pvc made coolers can’t dissipate heat like aluminum or silicone-made coolers. Consider other things like tilt angle, anti-sleeping pad or slip stoppage, and a fan speed control button. 

Noise Level

Definitely, noise is an issue. Because it feels like the noise comes from the laptop and also hampers our concentration. 3 fans in a laptop cooler doesn’t create much sound. But 5 and 6 fans are much cooler and a lot better. Try to have anything under 25 dB. 


If you search for the cheapest Alienware laptop coolers, there is no way you will find anything under $25. It means that naturally, Alienware laptop coolers tend to have a higher price because more fans are required, most of them have RGB lighting included, and smart Alienware coolers ask for a higher price. 

Sacrificing RGB light, a gaming look, and smart cooler functions will let you have Cheap alienware laptop cooler. 


Do Alienware laptops have good cooling?

– According to the Alienware command center, the temperature rarely rises above 100 degree celsius, and during overclocking the laptop maintains a decent temperature. Alienware has a liquid cooling setup to stop overheating in daily work.  

Is Alienware X15 4K?

– Yeah Alienware X15 has a 4K display option. The resolution is 3840 x 2160. 

How thick is the Alienware X15? 

– It is very thin. When you have a gaming laptop with the best possible display, you may think about a heavier and thick laptop, but Alienware had a different idea, and the X15 model has a thickness of 15.7 mm which is thin. 


Laptop coolers are a very useful thing nowadays. No matter how much confidence the laptop brand is for their gaming and powerful laptop, they always get heat while gaming and powerful video editing work. So have a cooler and keep your mind away from any tension. Keep your mind and laptop cool by using the best Alienware X15 laptop cooler. 


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